Reentry Mentoring

What is it?

About 8000 convicts will be released into the San Diego County community each year. Most of them will return to prison. The sad truth is that many of them have professed faith in Jesus. What happened? Lots of things–usually they just don’t know a better way. They’re like the seed that fell among the weeds in the parable. They get out and don’t know where to start to turn their lives around. Jesus told us to make disciples, and if ministry inside the prison is doing things right, that happens. However, when these “little ones” go out the door, many times they have no Christian influence. They often feel out of place and unwelcome in a church, and sooner or later they go back to the “devil they know”.

Reentry mentoring seeks to provide continuity between fellowship inside and fellowship outside. It’s a medium- to long-term commitment to spend time each week with these brothers and sisters as they have their minds transformed, are strengthened in their walk and get back on their feet in society.

Why should we do this?

God tells us to love our neighbor. In Christ there are no walls of separation between believers. We are to serve those in need and encourage and build each other up. The results are changed lives and a safer and more healthy community.

Who can do this?

This is for mature Christians who can make a modest long-term commitment, who love people, understand grace, and are willing to take a risk for the sake of God’s kingdom.

Is this for you?

God will let you know–if you’re willing. Please contact us for more information.