Get Freedom

Spiritual Freedom

Here’s how to get spiritual freedom. It is a free gift that to possess will cost you everything you have. In return you get what is priceless – relationship with God and eternal life. What this means is that you agree to follow God, putting everything you have under His control.

God made us. He sustains us. He holds the molecules of matter in the physical universe together with His power. He has our well-being at heart. He knows our weakness. Long ago, humankind rebelled against His authority. He became human in order to bridge the gap between us. This human’s name was Jesus. He was prophesied hundreds of years before He was born. He lived as a human, as a prototype for the kind of spiritually-alive human being God designed us to be. He was executed to pay the price for our rebellion. In some way – beyond our human understanding – He bought us back (redeemed) us. On the third day God raised Him from the dead. Now we are free to live spiritually connected to God again. All that is required to do that is to do the following: (Bible references attached):

  1. Repent: Admit our rebellion against God’s will, believe in His forgiveness and acknowledge His Lordship in the person of Jesus. Acts 2:37, 38
  2. Give God the steering wheel of our life and begin to get to know Him. This is actually the only true result of step 1. Romans 12:2

When we give our wills to God, He has promised to give us His Holy Spirit. Our spirits become alive (we’re said to be “born again”). The spiritual life we receive is Eternal. As we get to know God, He will change us from the inside. This is what the Apostle Paul called “the mystery of Christ in you. ” Growth will happen over time, sometimes fast, sometimes it will seem slow. The result is SPIRITUAL FREEDOM. Because our spirits are united with Christ, we are no longer slaves to evil. Hatred, fear, addictions, and other destructive motives are replaced with the joy and power of serving and knowing our Creator. One of the first things a Christian is told to do is be baptized. This is our chance to publicly acknowledge Jesus as our Lord. Here are some important tools that will contribute to our growth:

  • Prayer – Talk to God. Because Jesus died for us and now lives in us, we can talk directly to God. The Bible teaches us that He is like a father to little children. We can have that close a relationship. Galations 4:6 NIV
  • Read the Bible – This is God’s handbook. It may not make a lot of sense at first, but as God’s Spirit works in us, things will become clear. II Timothy 3:16
  • Learn to Love God’s Children – we are now adopted into God’s family. It’s made up of millions of souls just like us. They can help us – let them, it blesses them and us. Be patient, some of them are even more messed up than we were. God is at work restoring all of us. I John 5:1
  • Get Connected – God has a place for each of us in His Church. We’re like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Find where you fit. Romans 12:4

If you have questions about this process, or if you have stepped over the line to follow Jesus, please contact us by clicking here, of visit your local Christian church.