Welcome to Truth Frees Us, a small window into the workings of God behind prison walls, and a door to prison-related ministry. Please stay a while. Let us hear your insights and comments.

COVID-19 Impact – Monthly Meetings on hold

Our monthly in-person meetings have been suspended due to health issues, pending further developments.

Personal visits to California prisons and jails have resumed, with fairly tight restrictions depending on the prison. All church services at the Vista Detention Center are still canceled indefinitely until health conditions permit. Services and programs at Donovan State prison were suspended as well, however there are plans to begin reopening soon.

North Coast Church Activity

Meetings: North Coast Prison Ministry volunteer meetings were held the first Saturday of each month, 8:30-10am in the 5th grade room, with all welcome to attend. For more info  Contact us.

Jail Ministry Team: [CURRENTLY SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19] North Coast has a team of volunteers that leads Bible studies at Vista Detention Center. It is a one-year commitment for volunteers, with clearance required. We are partnering with other churches in addition to establishing a North Coast team. This is a truly rewarding and necessary ministry, with many receiving or returning to the Lord. Please make the next meeting – everyone who is interested in inside-jail ministry.

Reentry Mentoring Team: Our goal is to follow up discipleship within the institution with continued mentoring and fellowship in the community.  More information

Prison Fellowship Academy at Donavan: [CURRENTLY SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19] Prison Fellowship Ministry recently introduced its Christianity-based life skills academy at RJ Donavan prison. Prison Fellowship has a series of courses open to all inmates, regardless of faith. They receive program credit for the class, so interest is high. This is a tremendous opportunity to present the gospel message clearly to those who would otherwise be unlikely to listen. Prison Fellowship Academy has been successful in reducing recidivism in other states and even more importantly has led to men turning from a life of crime to serving God. Volunteers are urgently needed! For more info, contact Mark Watkins at markw@truthfreesus.org.